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Pre packaged, ready meals are few and far between if you’re a Coeliac.  The ones you do find rarely live up to expectations. After being diagnosed two and a half years ago, I soon realised that if I wanted to eat nice food, then I would need to make it myself, from scratch.

Then my mum, (also a Coeliac), ordered from a company called Ilumi, a free from nut, gluten and milk food suppliers. After just one meal she was recommending that I try them.  So, I had a look at their website and decided to place an order last week.

With fast, free and couriered delivery, I had my food within two days.  It was packaged in a sturdy box and came with my order, a recipe leaflet and small guide to their range.

I set about making the Aromatic Thai Red Curry, with Yellow Basmati Rice.  Cooking was simple as you just pop the items into the microwave following the very simple instructions on the packet.  Within a couple of minutes I was sitting down and tucking into this –


I was pleasantly surprised, after many disappointments it seemed that I had finally found at least one meal that was delicious and easy to make. The curry was just the right amount of creamy and spicy.  The rice was fluffy and and soft.

Today I decided to try another of Ilumi’s ready meals for my lunch.  Again I was not to be disappointed,  I picked the Slow Cooked Lamb Casserole.  I devoured the entire bowl as quickly as I could!


The generous helpings of potatoes, lamb and vegetables were only matched by the tremendous taste.  The lamb was tender, succulent and flavourful.  The potatoes were cooked just as perfectly as the carrots.  I was most pleased with the amount of gravy I got, being a huge fan of gravy!  It was the perfect meal and filled me right up.

Given my other health issues it is often very difficult, if not impossible to cook. when I am able it can be exhausting. Up until now there has not been a viable option for me to have something quick, easy and tasty!

I am now looking forward to try the rest of the Ilumi range.


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