Mad Nails

Last week I spotted some rather unusual nail varnishes on and could not pass up on the chance to try some of them out.  What was so special about them?  They apparently leave you with suede nails!  Yes, that’s correct, suede.  I ordered two sets, one in Poppy Pink and one in Blue Icicle. Today I will be trying out Blue Icicle.



Made by a company called Mad Beauty, who has an amazing product range on their website, on first glance I can already tell the colours are beautiful!

The packaging was simple but classy and if you turn the box over the instructions on how to apply the ‘suede nail varnish’ are right on the box. 



The instructions are clear and precise, making them easy to follow.



Inside the box there is the Blue Icicle nail varnish, a pot of suede dust and a little brush.

The first step is to paint a thin layer of varnish on to the nails and allow it to dry.  I found that after 2 minutes, the nail was dry when tapped to my lip.  The colour, even though a very thin, translucent coat had been applied, was a lovely shade.  The photos here appear a darker shade than it actually is.  Think more muted turquoise.



Excuse the hands….

The second stage is to paint a thick layer of varnish.  This makes the colour really pop and I feel that even without the next stages, this is a colour anyone would be happy to have in their collection.



Very pretty, but again a brighter shade than the pictures show.  

The next part to this nail transformation is the addition of the suede.  The instructions say to sprinkle whilst the varnish is still wet, this is key.  I would suggest painting the thick layer and ‘sueding’ immediately after, completing one nail at a time.  I didn’t do this and found that painting all of the nails and then ‘sueding’, meant that not all of the nail was left with suede attached and a couple were left with almost none, where the varnish had dried quicker than I could apply.  

This is also very messy, so ensure to have your surface covered and the little brush to hand.



Don’t panic.  This looks horrible right now, but the suede dust easily brushes off of the skin.  this is the next step, to gently brush away the excess dust from around the fingers.

The final stage to complete, is a gentle pressing of the suede onto the nail.  This can also be messy.  One nail was still quite wet and I ended up with blue nail varnish on my skin, but the repair on the nail was easy, just sprinkle more suede dust.  

This was where I realised that I should really have done one nail at a time.



The final effect is hard to see in the photos, but it is rather nice.  It does feel like suede on my nails and looks a little furry.  It is definitely an unusual look and takes a little getting used to, although I found myself brushing my lips with my nails without realising.

It needs to be left for 20 minutes to fully dry.  I would suggest although a great look and unusual, that this is more of a special occasion polish.  The suede starts to feel icky, for want of a better word, if it gets wet or you use a baby wipe on your hands etc.  Other than that it is lovely and I’m looking forward to trying the Poppy Pink!




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