Neon Nails

I sent hubby out at the weekend to get some storage boxes and a couple of see through shoe boxes.  I was both delighted and surprised when he bought me home a set of nail varnishes.  I was however slightly dubious since he bought them from B&M, a store I don’t really associate with high quality beauty products.


As you can see, the packaging was fine and the polishes come in a set of six colours.  For only £2.99!  My initial thoughts, whilst very grateful for my husbands kind gesture, was these will most likely be a little bit rubbish for that price.


I decided the best way to give these gorgeous colours a whirl was to paint each nail a different colour, having two different colours on the index fingers.

neons1.jpg neons2.jpg neons3.jpg

Whilst I ended up quite liking this look, my husband declared that I ‘look like the dismembered hands from Dexter’, if you’ve seen the show you’ll understand what he means.

The first things about these varnishes I want to mention is the colour in the bottle, is exactly the colour you get on your nail.  I did three coats, as two was a little translucent.

I am rather clumsy, so it was no surprise that I managed to scuff a couple of the nails whilst they were drying.  The first thing to note here is that when repainting over the scuff, this varnish left no visible sign that there had ever been one.  Almost like it had a filler.  I have found with many higher price varnishes, that you can see the bobbles or dents underneath the top layer.  Not with this varnish.  Second is that the top layer is not left with a rough, not quite right top layer, it is just as smooth and silky as you would expect from a nail having not been scuffed.

The only draw back with these polishes is the drying time.  In between coats you need only leave a few minutes, but once you are at your top layer you need to give them a good 20 minutes to fully dry and set.  Don’t do like me and get impatient, then try to carve a chicken… will not end well.  To be fair I only ended up with one slightly not quite perfect nail, but entirely my own fault.

All in all these varnishes seem extremely good value for money.  They are bright, hard wearing, after a full day of typing, attempting to beautify my face with creams and lotions, washing, brushing my hair, clearing up and so on, there appears to be little to no wear on the tips and absolutely no chipping.  The varnishes are also made by B&M, I had no idea they made cosmetics themselves.

My husband said they had two more sets, a Metallics and Glitter set.  I am hoping to purchase the Metallics very soon when I can get to the shop, or send that fabulous hubby of mine again!  Maybe, there will be some other hidden gems to be found!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day!!


*Note to self, if you’re reading this don’t laugh, but I am extremely annoyed by my wonky rings!  Unwonkify.  (yes, I made that word up), rings next time!



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