Metallics, Pastels & Denim

I have some more nail polish finds to share with you today.

After trying the fabulously bold and striking Neon Set from B&M Stores, my husband took me to have a look and I found two more gorgeous sets of polishes.

Then whilst doing the shopping in Asda, I spotted a tiny little stand on the end of an aisle.  On closer inspection I discovered a two dozen bottles of Limited Edition Denim nail polish!  There was no question I had to try it.


metallic pastel (3)

In the same packaging as the Neon set and for the same price £2.99 , these Metal Nails, were definitely worth a go.

metallic pastel (10)

The six colours are both traditional, with the gold and silver polishes and also trendy with the blues, pink and green.  I decided to go ahead and have multicoloured fingernails to see how they came out.

metallic pastel (8) metallic pastel (7)metallic pastel (9)

The colours were representative of what you see in the bottle.  Needing only a couple of coats, I got a bold and definite metallic effect.  I really liked the pink and blue shades.  I think they are a good option to have in my nail box and will be having a go using them in some nail art.  If you want an extreme shine and a touch of sparkle, these are well worth £2.99.  The only thing I would say is be prepared for some hard graft when removing these and the neons.


I like to experiment when painting my nails and have still not come to a conclusion on whether I like how these turned out or not.  Whilst the nail varnish itself is beautiful and again worthy of putting your hand in your pocket and shelling out the enormous sum of £2.99 for six bottles, my design left me feeling like I should be wearing leg warmers and taking part in a 1980’s get fit video.

metallic pastel (2)

Pretty Pastels are just that.  Extremely pretty!  They are packaged in a lovely pink box, decorated with lace and although you would not be fooled into thinking these were a fortune to buy, they certainly do not look £2.99.

metallic pastel (12)

Out of the box, the little square bottles are smaller than the Neon and Metal sets, but just as impressive in my opinion.

metallic pastel (13)

metallic pastel (15)

Again, I was impressed that the colour you see in the bottle was actually the resulting shade on your finger nail.  Opting for the grey as my base, I went a bit loopy and painted the tips in each of the remaining five shades in the set.

Glossy and perfectly pastel are the words that come to mind.  A few coasts are needed but the varnish spreads nicely and evenly for a gorgeous finish.

metallic pastel (16)

See leg warmers ahoy!!  Where is Mr Motivator?


The final polishes I want to mention today are the George at Asda, Limited Edition Denim.  They appear to be only available in store, I found them on the end of one of the beauty aisles.  It was hard to resist trying them at only £3 per bottle.


I love the little bottles and the labels on them, it really does evoke the images of old jeans.


The instructions are to apply 2 -3 coats, which is what I did.

denim (3)

The black did not remind me of denim, however it is a very nice black with little sparkles that catch the light and also has a good matt finish.  I really like it, but am disappointed that I never got denim!  I will use it again though.

denim (2)

The blue denim was more of a success.  It is very difficult to show in pictures how the finished nail actually looks, but, I can tell you that is does have an effect much like denim.  The shade of blue is perfect for that favourite pair of jeans and the sparkles seem to lend themselves to demonstrating the denim weave.  Again it has a matt finish and look really effective.

denim (4)

That is it for this post.  I hope you liked the varnishes, I think they are a great find.  Obviously they are designer, high end products, which I love, but if you’re on a budget or trying to conserve cash, these are great little numbers to have in your stash.  They wear well and look fabulous!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caroline Taylor
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 22:05:16

    I am jealous of all your nail polishes because I bit my nails right up until my 20’s, still pick them from time to time so now they don’t grow long and they are very weak and split easy. I love that grey look with the pastel tips because I adore anything that looks 80’s!


    • Erika
      Sep 11, 2013 @ 06:03:57

      Oh no. Have you tried using a nail hardener and other nail treatments? There are some really good ones on the market at the moment. I’m sure there would be something that could help strengthen them.

      I not a huge 80’s fan (fashion wise), but the grey in that set is so nice, I just wanted to see how it looked on the whole nail. Still not convinced on the overall look, but really pleased that you liked it.

      Thank you for reading, as always it’s much appreciated.


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