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Since becoming more active on Twitter and starting my blog, I have met some fantastic people.  One of these is Zoe and I feel already like we have become fast friends.  General chit chat ended up being almost a daily occurrence on various ramblings, but our common ground is definitely jewellery and our love of it.

As some of you know I make my own jewellery when I feel up to it and can spend weeks making one piece.  However, making jewellery at home is no the fastest or easiest method of getting that perfect piece you just can’t wait to wear.  There are also certain end results that I just can’t achieve as I don’t have the tools, the space or the money to invest in learning the more expensive techniques.  So, I was over the moon to find Zoe!

Zoe Jewel, found at zoejewel.com  is simply a hub for some of the most fantastic pieces of statement, delicate and unique jewellery.  The boutique online shop caters for so many variations in taste and pocket, that you can spend literally hours browsing!  Featuring UK designers Unordinary People, Joseph Lamsin and Sam Ubhi.   Also you can find designers such as  Yuki Mitsuyasu, Tales of the Earth and Pomegranate.

Zoe started in the business 21 years ago after living and working in Australia and South East Asia.  Her story is really interesting and you can read about it on her website and find out how she gained her experience and ended up where she is!

I decided last week that I could not resist treating myself to one or two little beauties from zoejewel.com.  I spent ages admiring the different pieces on offer and decided to go for a couple of things that had just been added to the site!

My delivery was extremely fast and affordable.  I chose Recorded Delivery at £5.50, which included both items.  There is more information on delivery in Zoe’s Customer Service section.  I was kept up to date with how my order was going and at no time felt I was not a valued customer.  This is a very important point for me, as I come from a customer service background and my number one priority with any company is excellent customer service.

photo 1

My jewellery arrived in these lovely white satin gift bags emblazoned with the company logo.  They feel very luxurious and add a brilliant touch to the goodies they conceal!

photo 2

My first purchase was a stunning necklace and pendant from the Estella Bartlett range. Although, it was so difficult to choose which piece I wanted, I opted for this gorgeous Silver Butterfly Necklace.

photo 3

Presented on an exquisite embossed mount, I was bowled over by the delicate beauty of this incredible pendant.  Brushed with silver, it catches the light and feels almost weightless when on.

photo (2)

It sits perfectly at the base of the neck and just adds a touch of femininity and air of simplistic sophistication to any outfit.

Estella Bartlett’s range on Zoe Jewel is stunning.  All of the pieces are truly beautiful and amazingly affordable! At £14, I do not know who would not want to snap up this graceful piece.

My second buy was not for myself but as a gift for my mum.  I chose from the Majique range, which has firmly become a favourite for me.  Striking statement pieces at more than affordable prices!  Colourful and elegant, they are mostly all on my wishlist!

I decided on this brilliant set of Three Colour Bangles, the three colours being silver, pewter and gold.


My mum was delighted with her gift and set about trying them on in various ways.  The six bangles stack splendidly alongside each other and compliment their neighbours superbly, There is a gorgeous sparkle that emanates from each bangle, that appears to glitter and the light sweeps over it.


With varying options on how they can be worn, these bangles provide a number of opportunities to expand and change the look.  Whether chose to wear as a set of six,


a set of three, two or even


as a single bangle, plenty of combination choices are available.  Not to mention mixing the three colours into the equation, something for every outfit.

My mum said ‘I’m really pleased with how beautiful they are.  Really comfortable and I think you could wear them with anything.’

At only £15, again I find it difficult to think anyone would disappointed.  My mum still had them on when I left to come home.

I now have a huge wishlist of items I would like to get in the future from Zoe and thought I would share a few of them with you, this will also give the chance to share a little more of the diverse jewellery available!


I adore everything in the Majique range but top of the list is this Black and White Half Moon Necklace at £20


Majique Pointed Diamante Earrings at £15


and this Majique Arrow Stretch Bracelet, which is my absolute favourite!! So Art Deco!


Across the rest of the site there is a whole host of pieces I like.  Here are a few:

Double Cup Pearl Necklace by Joseph Lamsin – Classic pearls are beautiful and I love this unusual design!


Chrysoprase Silver Drop Earrings by Sam Ubhi – I love Chrysoprase, such a beautiful gemstone!


Aqua Blue Chalcedony Gold Ring – The blue in this gemstone is exquisite and so soft!


I hope that you enjoyed this post, I really had fun writing it and of course I am extremely pleased with my purchases.  If you would like to find out more about Zoe and her business you can contact her via the website or on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts! Have a great day!



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